If you have been following us for a while, you’ve probably seen the multitude of times we have tried to re-brand and revamp Short Line Review as a literary magazine. But starting in a few weeks, Short Line Review as you’ve known it will no longer exist.

Since its creation, Short Line Review has aimed to help emerging artists, amplify stories that are often ignored, and break barriers that come with socioeconomic disparity. By following the traditional path of online literary publishing, we have failed to do this. Who are we really helping if we are trying to emulate a smaller version of the bigger institutions that have hurt our artists?

With that being said, we are ending Short Line Review as a lit magazine and re-creating it as a platform for what we wanted to do in the first place.

What does this mean?

1. We are no longer publishing as a lit journal. We are no longer accepting submissions. We will no longer publish work that goes through a “blind” submission process. After two forthcoming essays, we are archiving all of our previous issues and starting fresh.

2. We will only consider proposals for collaborative, hybrid/multimedia work that focuses personal stories that are often ignored or workshops/videos that will help emerging artists. We will try to help any accepted proposals starting from any stage of the process, including initial inception. This will mean suggesting artists to collaborate with, helping with fundraising, and/or in the future providing micro-grants to help the process. You can send a proposal to shortlinereview@gmail.com.

3. We will be creating videos, guides, slides, and other resources that will actually help emerging artists, which include but are not limited to: pitching, publishing, applying to fellowships, etc. We don’t believe in hoarding resources and info. That’s fucking gross.

4. Our content will focus on storytelling. We will be creating short films, photo essays, podcasts, and more that disrupt the ways colonial media continually misrepresents us and our own.

Thank you so much for supporting us throughout the years, and we hope you can continue to support us as we embark on this new chapter of Short Line Review. Stay tuned!

-Dena Igusti

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